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    1. R&D


          1. For Investors

            For Investors

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                1. Sustainability


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                                  1. Creating for Tomorrow

                                    Creating for Tomorrow

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                                                A major US manufacturer of critical care devices and systems, ZOLL became a member of the betis 365 Group in April 2012. While sales continue to grow in the U.S. as our principal market, we are building a global presence in the field of acute critical care by expanding our reach throughout Europe and Asia. Through synergy with the other Health Care businesses of betis 365, we are contributing to the development of this sector as a major pillar of operations.

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                                                        1. Contact Us

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                                                                Trade name ZOLL Medical Corporation
                                                                Main businesses Critical care devices and systems, including E Series™, R Series™, and X Series™ professional defibrillators; AED Plus™ and AED Pro™ automated external defibrillators; AutoPulse™ Non-invasive Cardiac Support Pump; LifeVest™ Wearable Defibrillator; Intravascular Temperature Management (IVTM™) system; RescueNet™ data management systems
                                                                Home office 269 Mill Rd., Chelmsford, MA 01824-4105 USA
                                                                CEO Jonathan A. Rennert
                                                                Paid-in capital US$1,723 million (including capital surplus)
                                                                Shareholder betis 365 Holdings US, Inc.*
                                                                Phone +1-978-421-9655

                                                                (as of April 1, 2020)

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                                                                  Richard A. Packer Chairman, Board Director
                                                                  Convener and chair of Board Directors Meetings
                                                                  Shuichi Sakamoto Board Director
                                                                  Jonathan A. Rennert Chief Executive Officer, Board Director
                                                                  Convener and chair of Executive Staff meetings
                                                                  Elijah A. White Executive Officer
                                                                  President, ZOLL Resuscitation
                                                                  Jason T. Whiting Executive Officer
                                                                  President, ZOLL Cardiac Management Solutions
                                                                  Neil W. Johnston Executive Officer
                                                                  President, ZOLL Circulation
                                                                  Alex N. Moghadam Executive Officer
                                                                  President, ZOLL Data Management betnaija website
                                                                  Craig M. Stowell Executive Officer, Vice President
                                                                  Corporate Controller
                                                                  Aaron M. Grossman Executive Officer, Vice President
                                                                  General Counsel and Secretary

                                                                  (as of April 1, 2020)

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                                                                      ZOLL Medical Canada Inc. Sale of critical care devices and systems
                                                                      +1 905 629 5005
                                                                      ZOLL International Holding B.V. Sale of critical care devices and systems +31 (0) 481 366410
                                                                      ZOLL Medical France SNC Sale of critical care devices and systems +33-(0)1 3057 7040
                                                                      ZOLL Medical Italia Srl Sale of critical care devices and systems +39 051 0476595
                                                                      ZOLL Medical U.K. Ltd. Sale of critical care devices and systems +44 (0)1928 595 160
                                                                      ZOLL Medical Deutschland GmbH Sale of critical care devices and systems +49 (0)223 6 87 87-0
                                                                      ZOLL Medical Australia Pty. Ltd. Sale of critical care devices and systems +61 842 48720
                                                                      betis 365 ZOLL Medical Corp. Sale of critical care devices in Japan

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