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An overview of the Asahi Kasei Group, its results, and policies are shown.


(consolidated, as of March 31, 2021)

  • Founding1922

    Beginning in Shiga Prefecture (Zeze) and Miyazaki Prefecture (Nobeoka)

  • Consolidated subsidiaries333

    Located in over 20 countries worldwide

  • Employees44,497

    Approximately 40% overseas

  • Net sales¥2,106 billion

  • Operating income¥172 billion

  • R&D expenditure¥89.7 billion

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction

reduce by 30% or more

  • Target for fiscal 2030 compared with fiscal 2013
Hydroelectric power plants


  • Supplying approximately 14% of the electricity used by the Asahi Kasei Group in Japan
CDP*climate change ranking (fiscal 2018)


  • CDP is an NPO based in the UK which researches and evaluates how companies and cities are working to address environmental issues related to climate change, water, forests, etc.
  • [Net sales]FY2017 ¥2,042.2 billion/FY2018 ¥2,170.4 billion/FY2019 ¥2,151.6 billion/¥18.8 billion decrease
  • [Opening income]FY2017 ¥198.5 billion/FY2018 ¥209.6 billion/FY2019 ¥177.3billion/¥32.3 billion decrease
  • [Ordinary income]FY2017 ¥212.5 billion/FY2018 ¥220.0 billion/FY2018 ¥184.0 billion/¥36.0 billion decrease
  • [Net income attributable to owners of the parent]FY2017 ¥170.2 billion/FY2018 ¥147.5 billion/FY2019 ¥103.9 billion/¥43.6 billion decrease

Financial information

  • Net sales* ¥2,151.6 billion/FY 2019(Material/Homes/Health Care)
  • Operating income* ¥177.3 billion/FY 2019(Material/Homes/Health Care)
  • * Graphs shown exclusive of "Others" category and "corporate expenses and eliminations"

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