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  • Sustainability


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          1. Creating for Tomorrow

            Creating for Tomorrow

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                                  Under "Cs+ for Tomorrow 2021," our medium-term management initiative, the betis 365 Group is striving for sustainable society based on the concept "Care for People, Care for Earth."
                                  For sustainable society, we believe it is important to develop products and businesses that contribute to reducing the impact of society on the environment in addition to reducing emissions, such as greenhouse gases, at the Group's production sites. The betis 365 Group defines products that contribute to the improvement of the environment over the entire life cycle when compared with products considered to be the standard in the current market and products that contribute to the improvement of the environment when compared with our existing products as Environmental Contribution betnaija website.

                                  1. The betis 365 Group assesses its products for environmental impact over the entire life cycle (Life Cycle Assessment: LCA). In the past, we have defined and certified products that can contribute to CO2 reduction at the product use stage as global warming conscious products. In view of recent demand for contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from an LCA perspective and the growing importance of reducing environmental impacts in areas other than greenhouse gases, such as risks to water, the betis 365 Group formulated Guidelines for Environmental Contribution betnaija website* in January 2019 in a revision of the contribution of products to reducing environmental impact including CO2.

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                                        • *In preparing the guidelines, we referred to Guidelines for Assessing the Contribution of betnaija website to Avoided Greenhouse Gas Emissions, The Institute of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan, Guideline for Calculating the Reduction in CO2 Emissions, Japan Chemical Industry Association, Guideline for Quantifying GHG Emission Reduction Contribution, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and other reference materials.
                                        • betis 365’s core technologies Environmental issues to be addressed Environmental Contribution betnaija website We assess the environmental contribution of products from the eight perspectives below and certify products that contribute to improving the environment as "Environmental Contribution betnaija website." Assessment category (1) CO2 reduction (2) Energy conservation (3) New energy (4) Waste and mining (5) Water resources (6) Raw materials (7) Ecosystem (8) Environmental pollution Contributing to sustainable society

                                              In making the abovementioned calculations, we use MiLCA, an LCA tool provided by the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry.

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                                                Although CO2 is generated during the manufacture of materials and intermediate products in the betis 365 Group, there are also many examples of products which contribute to improving the environment by reducing environmental impact, including CO2, during use considering the entire product life cycle, such as contributions to energy conservation.
                                                The evaluation of the environmental impact of products over their entire life cycle is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

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                                                      • Assessing environmental impact (CO2, etc.) of the entire life cycle Emissions CO2 Raw material extraction Manufacture Distribution Use Disposal
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                                                          Strategic business units and core operating companies propose products for internal certification. The betis 365 Group receives advice from a third-party organization on the suitability of the environmental contribution calculation methodology and approach from an LCA perspective for the proposed products, and defines products that have been internally certified as Environmental Contribution betnaija website.
                                                          We also receive advice on the appropriateness of the calculations of contributions to reductions from outside experts when reviewing certifications.

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                                                            • Proposer (LCA Committee) Proposal→←Application check Secretariat (Sustainability Strategy Planning Department) Application→Internal screening、Chair: General Manager, Sustainability Strategy Planning Department、Assessor: Chair, LCA Committee General Manager Confirmation→LCA Review Panel、Management Council, etc.→Certification Proposer (LCA Committee)←→Advisory Secretariat (Sustainability Strategy Planning Department)←→Advisory (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

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                                                            Atsushi Inaba (Chief Director of Japan Life Cycle Assessment Facilitation Centre (LCAF))
                                                            Kensuke Kobayashi (Associate Professor, Prefectural University of Hiroshima)
                                                            Keigo Matsuda (Associate Professor, Yamagata University)
                                                            Hiroyuki Uchida (Senior Consultant, Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.)
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                                                                  • (Reference) Fiscal 2019 meeting

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                                                                                        • At the LCA Review Panel, betis 365 Group personnel explain the details of calculations and receive comments and advice from the outside experts on the suitability of the establishment of baselines and the approach to contribution to reductions.
                                                                                          We held the event remotely in fiscal 2020 as a measure for preventing COVID-19 infection.

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                                                                                                Product name Reason for certification SDGs contributed to
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                                                                                                      • Celgard™

                                                                                                        The separator is one of the four main components (cathode, anode, electrolyte, and separator) that make up the batteries (LIBs) for electric vehicles (EV/HEV/PHEV).
                                                                                                        As a result of their growing popularity, electric vehicles are contributing to a reduction in CO2 during driving, compared with gasoline vehicles. Improving the battery performance (extending range and ensuring safety) is essential to the popularization of electric vehicles, and our development of separator technology is playing a part in this.
                                                                                                        • 7 AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY

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                                                                                                            • 13 CLIMATE ACTION
                                                                                                                Caustic soda and chlorine are manufactured through the electrolysis of brine. The methods of electrolysis are the mercury process, the diaphragm process and the ion-exchange membrane process. The ion-exchange process is an environmentally-friendly method that does not use mercury or asbestos. betis 365 is the only manufacturer in the world that manufactures and sells ion-exchange membranes, electrolytic cells, and electrodes, and boasts the top share of the global market. We have engaged in continual development to enable electrolysis using even less electricity, and our latest ion-exchange membrane grade has the lowest power consumption (compared with betis 365 products: approximately 2% less than the current grade).
                                                                                                                • 7 AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY

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                                                                                                                    • 9 INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE

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                                                                                                                      • 13 CLIMATE ACTION

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                                                                                                                      Xyron™, a type of engineering plastic, is an environmentally-friendly material with non-halogen flame retardance and reduction of resin usage due to its low specific gravity. Its properties also include dimensional precision, mechanical strength, and resistance to electrolyte solution. Widely used for electric vehicle battery packs and modules, it has played a major role in the spread of electric vehicles. ASACLEAN is a cleaning agent (purging agent) for use in plastic molding machines.
                                                                                                                      At plastic molding work sites, when switching between production of different colors and resin types, it is necessary to keep the materials flowing to a certain extent, which inevitably results in loss.
                                                                                                                      By using ASACLEAN during the production switching process, it is possible to make the switch using about 1/3 to 1/10 the amount compared to not using ASACLEAN, which contributes to conserving resources and reducing CO2 by decreasing plastic waste. This product is used as an additive for the modified asphalt used in road surfaces.
                                                                                                                      This original elastomer specially designed by betis 365 can improve road durability and decrease the frequency of maintenance and repairs. This compact, highly accurate, energy-saving gas sensor can detect the concentration of CO2 in the air. Equipping this product to industrial air-conditioning systems and optimizing the amount of ventilation while monitoring the CO2 density will contribute to reductions in power consumption for air conditioning. S-SBR is used for the tread (the part in contact with the road) on passenger vehicle tires. Based on the development of original technology, it balances low fuel consumption and braking performance of tires at a high level, contributing to dramatically increasing the fuel efficiency of automobiles. Long Life Homes and Net Zero Energy Houses: Compared with regular housing, our homes contribute to reduction of CO2 during manufacture of all components and construction by meeting the standards for Net Zero Energy Houses, which balance household energy usage at zero or lower through power generation, advanced insulation, and energy conservation, and providing Long Life Home products with a basic structural life of at least 60 years. This product boasts top-class insulating performance, providing high insulation even with little thickness and maintaining its insulating properties for long periods of time.
                                                                                                                      In addition, this insulation material is eco-friendly in a variety of ways, such as by being the first in the industry to succeed in not using any CFC or CFC substitutes as foaming gases.

                                                                                                                          Product name Reason for certification SDGs contributed to

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