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TREATMENT FOR TENNIS ELBOW | London Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon

In cases where the symptoms are severe and aggravating factors cannot be avoided, physiotherapy has been shown in several studies to be the best first line treatment to cure tennis elbow. Physiotherapy should be exercise based, should focus on strengthening the wrist extensor muscles, and usually takes at least 3 weeks to show benefit.

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The London Orthopaedic Clinic provides comprehensive care for tennis elbow. Rest, physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory medication and steroid injections provide relief for most people. If conservative measures have not helped, the expert orthopaedic surgeons at the London Orthopaedic Clinic can operate to remove the damaged part of the tendon and then support your healthy recovery and rehabilitation.

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Sports massage and acupuncture can be also be a good treatment for tennis elbows in London. Our acupuncturist has a lot of experience in acupuncture for tennis elbow, which helps reducing the pain and swelling, therefore making it easier for the muscle to recover.

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Tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is technically known as lateral epicondylitis. It is characterised by pain and inflammation around the lateral condyle, the bony lump on the outermost side of the elbow. This is the point at which the major tendons connect to the muscles of the forearm. Although the pain is felt at the site of tissue damage, tennis ...

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Treatment Options . A) Medical treatment. A physician generally chooses one or more of the following remedies for treatment of tennis elbow: · An elbow strap or splint that helps by taking the pressure off the inflamed tendon. · Physiotherapy treatments, which may include heat or ultrasound therapy.

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TREATMENT. Resting the arm will help to prevent aggravation – tennis elbow is not condition that you can exercise through. Treatment with Connective Tissue Manipulation and Manual Lymph Drainage will help to reduce the pain and stiffness and restore normal movement and function. By improving the circulation to the tendon it is able to settle the inflammation down and heal more quickly.