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5: Tell me more about Knocking in a Cricket Bat. The reason we oil cricket bats is to gently soften the wood fibers of the bat so we can knock it in BUT we also oil bats to seal any moisture that’s in the wood inside. The moisture mentioned is water within the wood fibers. This water is actually the glue that holds these fibers together.

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This video shows how to oil your cricket bat and how to hand knock it. Whack Sports has an alternative where we use a fully automated machine to knock in a c...

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How to Oil Your Bat. Apply 2-3 teaspoons of oil to the face of the bat. You can use an old piece of rag but it doesn’t matter if you use your fingers. Make sure you don’t oil the splice, or within a CM of the splice. The oil should cover the face of the bat, the edges, the heel, and about 4 CM from the edges on the back of the bat.

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Coat the face of the bat with the oil. You can use a rag or your fingers. Do not put any oil within 25mm of the splice (where the handle joins the blade of the bat). Cover the edges and heel of the bat and about 40 mm in from the edges on the back of the bat. You want the oil on the face of the bat drawn into the face.

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Oiling and knocking off the old cricket bat. You should do the oiling and knock off your cricket bat once in a year. The new bat was clean enough so it was easy to start the oiling. But, in used bat, you would first need to clean it properly by using a sandpaper. You can use grade 180 to 220 for sandpaper.

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Oiling the bat – Before beginning the knocking-in process, apply a small amount of oil over the face, toe, edges, top and back of the bat. All areas must be covered as the entire bat needs to be protected from the force of a cricket ball.

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Victoria Bushrangers. If you put a sheet of extratec on the face of your bat, you eliminate the need to oil it. You'll still need to lightly oil the edges and back of the bat, but the face of the bat is fine. Any old ball (not a new one) is fine for knocking in a bat.

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Every English Willow cricket bat needs to be oiled, knocked in and played in before use. This improves the responsiveness and performance of the bat and significantly reduces the risk of damage. HOWEVER, it does not eradicate the risk of damage.

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Pour 1 tsp (4.9 mL) of raw linseed oil on the flat side of the bat. Put the oil directly onto the bat. Avoid getting oil near any decals or the handle of the bat. Linseed oil helps moisturize and soften the fibers of the willow wood and makes the bat easier to compress.