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FOREHAND TIPS: Topspin, Body Position & Inside-Out - YouTube

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Learn 4 basic tennis stances for forehand and backhand | Fit ...

There are four basic stances for the forehand shot that a beginner tennis player can use to position themselves correctly in order to hit the ball. They rather depend on the type of ball that is coming from their opponent: whether it is an easy ball, a wider ball or a short ball.

Tennis Forehand Technique – 8 Steps To A Modern Forehand

Index finger can easily support the weight of the racket. It gives us very good support under the racket, and the racket rests nicely. So, check how your current forehand grip looks and make sure you add this little index finger technique in there so that your racket will be more stable in your hand.

10 Simple Steps to Mastering Your Forehand - Tennis 4 Beginners

The forehand stroke is performed in a low-to-high forward motion. Start in the ready position facing the net with your knees slightly bent. Turn your body sideways while bringing your racket back with the head positioned higher than the handle. As you swing, lower your body and transfer your weight forward through the point of contact.

Tennis 101: The Correct Head Position for Better Tennis Technique

On both the forehand and backhand their entire body including their head is facing the net in front of them. This is the biomechanically ideal head position at contact point. Here is the same principle in action on the serve:

Tennis Forehand Technique: Straight Arm vs Bent Arm | Pat ...

In tennis a straight arm forehand refers to the arm position of a player as he/she makes contact with the tennis ball. If a players arm has no bend at the elbow at contact point then it is considered a “straight arm forehand”.

Emma Raducanu's Elite, Explosive Forehand - Fault Tolerant Tennis

The biomechanical alignment in question here, the alignment that Emma takes advantage of on her elite wide forehand, is having both the hips and the chest square to the target on contact. The modern forehand is performed by turning the hips and the chest away from the ball during preparation, and then explosively unwinding that turn during the forward swing.

How to Hit a Tennis Forehand (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Hitting a tennis forehand is all about getting in the right position and creating power from your shoulders. First, get into position with the racquet in front of you, your knees slightly bent, and your weight on the balls of your feet.