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Stage one Stand in position on the balls of your feet, with knees slightly flexed. Drive off from legs to get towards the path of the ball. Call for the ball. Get in line with the ball's path. Keep your eyes on the ball at all times.

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Volleyball is a relatively simple game on the surface. Whilst there are a variety of different ways to execute the different skills in volleyball there are primarily 4 different shots in volleyball. The 4 shots in volleyball are as follows; the serve which is the first action that starts each rally, the pass which is sometimes known as a dig or bump, the set which is used to put the ball into a position for a teammate to attack and lastly we have the spike or hit.

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Volleyball - Set Shot Resource. Subject: Physical education. Age range: 11-14. ... Step by step guide for performing the Volleyball Set. Tes classic free licence ...

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The correct body position is with the ball, forehead and hips in a vertical line. After person sets ball, move forward three steps. Stay there until after partner passes ball, move to ball and set again. Drill #2 Take three steps backward after you set ball, and move your feet to get under the ball.

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The shot is controlling the ball hitting in straight up above the net and relatively close to the net. This is because the set shot is setting up for the last shot out of the 3 shots. The set shot involves using your palms and hitting the ball following through straight up. This shot is usually the 2nd shot and is a tactic for setting up the 3rd shot.

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This can also be called a (4) set. Front/Back Slide: This is a quick set that is shot out horizontally either in front of, or behind, the setter. It is pushed out a little wider than a quick one. It can also be calleda (3) set. Two (2) Set: This set is directly in front of the setter up high. Can also be set behind the setter as a back two.

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This volleyball set is perfect for tournament-level outdoor volleyball with its official size nylon net with 3" wide top and bottom net tape. Push-button 2" wide anodized aluminum poles adjust to 3 heights for men, women, and co-ed. 2 Piece telescoping poles allow for easy setup and takedown, simply roll up your net on the poles after use, and easily fit the set back into its premium carry bag.

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The "set" is an overhead pass used to change the direction of the dig and put the ball in a good position for the spiker. It is usually the team's second contact. Setting is the tactical centre of Volleyball. A setter must be good enough to keep the big blockers from dominating the net.

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Types of sets A : A back row set aimed at the left side quarter of the court [ A |B||C|D]. Also could be a quick set to the middle. B : A back row set aimed to the left side middle quarter of the court [A| B ||C|D]. Back-Two: A ball set relatively high and to the middle or to the right side hitter, ...